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Grown in Oregon & Sown in Oregon

We proudly offer a perennial rye and fescue mix that's grown on a family farm in Silverton, Oregon.  The Sliver Falls Seed Company grass seed mix that we use is accustomed to Oregon's climate and has become the standard for Willamette Valley residential lawns.  

Perinnial Rye Grass Field.JPG

Grass seed crop growing at Silver Falls Seed Co. Silverton, Oregon

Is it too cold to overseed? 

This is the question we are most often asked in regards to overseeding.  The question comes from the notion that in general germinating seeds benefit from warm temperatures.  Unlike many other seeds and plants, rye and fescue grass prefer cool weather for sprouting and growing.  The Willamette Valley is temperate enough to allow for the successful germination of rye and fescue seeds even during the coldest months of the year.  Germination and growth will happen but at a slower pace than the spring and fall which are the ideal times to overseed.  The least favorable time to overseed is during hot dry summer weather.      

Overseeding brings to the lawn fresh, locally sourced seed that's ideal for residential lawns in the Willamette Valley. Our blend of perennial rye and fescue can supplement the lushness of existing lawns or encourage growth in sparse patches. Sowing seeds of desirable grasses is a great way to compete with invasive plants. Overseeding works well in conjunction with dethatching and aeration. 

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